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Timing and communication is critical when handling the transportation needs of professional vehicles and commercial equipment. We understand those needs and are committed to providing on-time services backed by a knowledgeable staff that can meet your automotive shipping demands.

Our line of late model trucks and custom made haulers are capable of transporting a wide range of vehicle types from buses and emergency response vehicles to bucket trucks and public service automotives.

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Our specialized equipment is built to handle everything from the raw chassis to a 10’ 6” finished bus. Our competitive rates provide hassle free shipping for nearly the same cost as traditional driving but without the extra miles and risk of road hazards. We service many of the major manufacturers across the country, shipping to all 48 states.

Limo & Funeral Car

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We are the top rated carrier for new limos and funeral cars direct from the manufacturer. With decades of combined experience, Sancrest has a history of moving more livery cars than any other nationwide automotive shipping provider. We have the equipment and professional drivers you can count on to handle the job.